Some years ago I was looking for some Irish music online and simply couldn't find any that wasn't on a "pay-per-view" site.  This irked me no end and I half-formulated an inchoate plan to "do something about this" at my earliest opportunity ("
pigs flying" figured in there somewhere...).  Then I was asked to join a happy band of lunatics who played Irish (and other) music and decided to do a little something to make my favourite music freely available while advertizing the band as well, and thus the O'Neill's Music Project was born.  This expanded to include  the Allan's Irish Fiddler book and soon (well, not all THAT soon) I had  2000+ tunes online in four formats.  I chose Noteworthy Composer because it was easy to use and (compared to some alternatives available then) bloody inexpensive!  There are now a dozen or so decent notation programmes for under $150 as well as "The Giants" of the genre (in price as well as prestiege), SIBELIUS and FINALE and at least thirty others whose prices range between the two extremes.  Noteworthy will continue my main programme as I speak it quite well by now.  The various pages linked below contain all the information you'll need to operate the programme(s) and enjoy the music... you have but to read the requisite information. 

The band went defunct and the website was slowly decaying, so I decided to move everything to a new URL which would refelect the main purpose of my efforts,  the preservation and promulgation of "older" music.   Irish fiddle and dance,  Catches,  Madrigals; it would be music not easily obtainable elsewhere at no charge.  I also put the O'Neill's and Allan's and O'Carolan's books onto a
CD for use by teachers and students of the genre so they could have the music on their harddrives and not need to go online to see/hear/study it. This also now contains the Catches and what Madrigals I have managed to transcribe into Noteworthy and/or convert to PDF's for printing purposes.

While you're here,  please visit my business, Frayed Knot Belts and Nautical Arts, which pays to keep the page up and running.

I hope that you will find the files useful and enjoyable; they represent nearly five years of effort on my part (as of 12/2004) and I have truly enjoyed all the emails, corrections, questions and general conversation I have recieved from you over the years.  As well as the music,  there are some pages of cartoons,  links to other sites and some other interesting things I am pleased to be able to host here.  By all means,  do not hesitate to
EMAIL me should you have questions of comments or have suggestions for future collections to include here.
The Old Music Project
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If you are a first-time visitor, go HERE and read the instructions on how to use and download the programmes necessary for reading and enjoying the music on the site.  It only takes a minute of your time and will well reward your efforts.  If you have any problems with any of it,  feel free to email me at the link above.

MAC users should go HERE for some tips and hints.  NOTE: Noteworthy is NOT "MAC friendly"
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My good friend Jack Bartley wrote a book!
Read about it!  Funny!

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NEWS as of  Jan 12, 2012: 

The Old Music Project, O'Neil's, O'Carolan's and the Madrigal sites are, again,  in danger of "going under" due to financial pressures.  I can keep this up for a few more months but I anticipate very soon the site will have to come down.   I frankly need some financial help to keep this site alive.  I'm not asking for "donations" per se;  While the economy is starting to see a resurgence of sorts, things are still tough all over, and especially for musicians (
something ELSE is new?), so if you can purchase one of the CD's of the music, I can keep this thing alive for a while longer.  

If you can... go HERE to order one and I'll be very happy to keep things going.   If, perchance, you have a business that can help sponsor the site or if you know of someone who can provide a grant to fund operation and maintenance, please send me information on same using one of the many email links on the various pages.   I apologize for this blatant appeal, but that's how things is!

THANK YOU to those of you who have bought a CD and added more time to the site!  Your response has been great and I LOVE the little emails I get from those who cannot contribute but who offer their encouragement and well-wishes.  I am quite humbled by your responses.  I am ALWAYS open to suggestions to improve things, so don't hesitate to email!

(WHY do I feel like Public Television suddenly?)
O'Neill's Music
Of Ireland
("The 1850")