(Topman's Wristband)
Sailors were always making themselves little gewgaws to wear which displayed their skills in ropework, and sometimes these
actually had a meaning as well as being decorative.  The Topman's Wristlet indicated a sailor who had proved himself aloft
when handling sails and is different than the standard "Nantucket Bracelet" in that it is removable from the wrist without taking
off some skin with it.  

The examples shewn below are presently available only on Ebay (which is what brought you here) and at whatever crafts/boat
shows I may be able to attend.  Due to a lack of mobility, these are few and far between, so Ebay is my main outlet at present.

The wristlets are made of a six-strand half-round braided cotton codline (easier on the wrist due to one fairly flat side) and have
either the "Manrope" or "Star-knot" finials. The cotton line is washable and will "shrink to fit" your wrist.   I find that ladies
prefer the star-knot, while men seem to like the manrope, for some reason.

The standard sized wristlet fits an average male wrist, while the standard ladies is three-quarters-inch smaller.  They are
eminently washable in a machine with your normal whites and, while they DO shrink up in the dryer, the size is easily restored
by pulling on both ends... You'll figure out just how much pull is needed to restore the wristlet to you preferred size after a  few
washings... I recommend a hard pull the first time and then modify it as desired in later washings.  

Since I can make these up to fit you precisely,  you can also take a piece of string, put it around your wrist (NOT too tight) and
then measure the string for your ideal length.  I'll add a bit to allow for shrinkage over time or due to washing and you'll be a
happy camper!  Let me know the size when ordering!  I can make them for very large adults or little kids... All same price.  Let
me know if you want a "tight" or a "loose" fit.

They are meant to be worn constantly (I've had mine on for a very long time except for washing) and may be worn in the shower,
while swimming or in any activity.  Since they are made of three lengths of cordage, the chances of them coming apart on you
are nil.  The finial knots provide a very secure fastening.
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Manrope Finial Knot
Star Knot Finial Knot
Loop end showing
collector knot
To answer a common question:

I DO make these as necklaces, both
"choker" and long styles.

14"-16" are $30 and 16"-20" are $40
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