The English Dancing-Master

pub. by John Playford

Orig. Pub. 1651

The catches below were written sometime before the publication date shown, as they
were to advertize the FIRST edition of The Dancing Master,  which was published by
John Carr.   Mr. Carr and Mr. Playford collaborated on the catch's creation, although
the idea for it is attributed to Sir John Eccles.  At any rate,  it may just be the first
example of a commercial "jingle" in evidence!

Also of interest are the changes that have occurred in musical notation since the
publication of these pages (1728) which used "The New Ty'd-Note" notation of 1724
(a considerable improvement on previous methodology)

For your amusement,  here
are two pages from the 1728
edition,  showing a 6/4 tune
(on your left) and a reel-type
tune (on your right) and with
translations into modern
musical notation.

The page music is "
Mount Hills" from the original
1651 publications, as amended by Brian Creer and myself.

For these illustrations,  I am indebted to
The American Memory Site of
The Library Of Congress,  a most
unusual and informative collection of.... everything!

I recommend the following links to those further interested in this work and the music
published in it.  In any case,  searching on the net thru “
(simply the best search engine going for initial web-browses)
for either “John Playford”, "The Dancing Mster” or ”The English Dancing Master”
will produce many more hits than most people care to pursue.  

Robert M. Keller’s examination and interpretations

Jeff Lee’s examination and interpretations

“The Round”, an English dance society’s links to Playford’s music and dances

All of the “English Dancing Master’s” musics in ABC format
as input by a member of “The Society For Creative Anachronisim”,
Filip of the Marche.

The full Playford book can be seen
Catch to advertize the initial publication of "The Dancing Master"  in linear form (for learning purposes)

Same Catch in
three-part form as it would sound when sung
Click on any illustration to see the full sized picture
The Tatler
in NWC in ABC
Orielton House
in NWC      in ABC
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