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The Catch Club
(or, Merry
Volume ONE
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The Catch Club
(or, Merry
Volume TWO
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I am actively seeking CLEAN photocopies
of any other books of Catches, Rounds or Glees
Published from 1520 thru the present day.
contact me if you have such available.
I am deeply indebted to the many scholarly people who have put information online concerning the books, the time period, the song
types and the personalities of the period. This list includes, but is by no means limited to the following:

Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl) (For the PDF files of the books, grammercy, Sir!). I most strongly recommend to you
his several websites on this subject, and the "Sixteenth Century Ballads Project."

Chris Whent, Producer of WBAI-FM's "Here Of A Sunday Morning" show devoted to Baroque and Rennaissance music of all
sorts. His research period maps are most enlightening and his shows most entertaining.

The late and very much lamented
Werner Icking and the grand community of  music lovers who gathered around him.  His
contributions to our understanding and appreciation of fine music is difficult to overstate.

Mr. David FitzPatrick for information on The Hibernian Catch Club