I've pulled the links to my email from
the various pages and replaced them with this page and an
image of the three emails you may use to contact me.

They are, in order of their precedence:

I have received numerous complaints that I don't answer my emails...

What happens is that people will send emails to me with a blank subject line,
"RE: (whatever)" or just a "Hi!" in the subject line   Such emails INVARIABLY
get "sucked up" by my "spam traps" .  I will usually look thru the spam folder
before deleting but if I have over 100, I'll just jettison the lot rather than waste
the time.   

"RE" should only be used when replying to an email: otherwise it looks like a
spam-o-gramme and gets dumped, as will ANY message with a blank subject.

If you don't get a reply from me in a reasonable amount of time,
try an alternate email or call me.

Note:  Calls between 0800 and 2200,
Eastern US Time ONLY, please!

Vince Brennan (a.k.a. "Chatty Kathy")