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"The beatings will continue until morale improves..."
In the last picture, we saw how the lines lay flat and fair in "G-2",  now
we become proctologists and look at the backside of the knot so far.  

Note how the meeting of the three lines is nice and regular and how
the six lines are now coming out of their respective rabbit holes.

Take any line and lead it ACROSS two lines  to the RIGHT and then
stick it thru the body of the knot, with the end coming up and out in the
center area of the face, between two lines and separated from the
next line when it emerges.  See the larger foto (click on H-1) for a
more digestible explanation.

"I" shows the first tuck done over the two adjacent lines

Persistence and doggedness DO pay off....

"J" shows the BACK of the knot with all six over the adjacent two and
fed nicely up into the knot's body.   (That ain't kinky... I'll show you
kinky soon, and it won't involve motorcycles or handcuffs....)

And "K" shows the FACE of the knot and how all six lines should come
up and be separated out.  Also note that the knot has NOT been
tightened up other than from friction as we lead lines through their

"L"...  Take any line and cross it over the next two lines to it's
immediate RIGHT as shown.

So:  "A" will cross "B" and "C" and then go down between "C" and "D"

"M"...  Take the next line (line B) over "C" and "D" and down between  
"D" and "E"...

"N" ... Take  line "C" over "D" and "E" and down between "E" and "F"...  

Starting to see a pattern?

"O"... Take line "D" over "E" and "F" and down between "F" and...  "A"

"P"...  These two are the tricky ones:   Line "E" over "F" and then in
between  "A" and "B"  (See? I promised you 'kinky' !)

Since each line crosses the two next in succession to the right, and
since line "E" only has "F" to cross, the next line HAS to be "A".

"Q" ...  This leaves us only line "F", whose next two adjacent lines are
"A" and "B", so over those it goes and down between "B" and "C" and
you have completed the circle of the "over two" crown.   

Gently tighten this all up (take one line at a time and work around to
your LEFT (counter-clockwise) and you'll find it MUCH easier to keep
control of this cat-herding exercize.  Don't try to tighten it all at once,
take two or three times around and neaten up


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