Over the years, many readers have been kind enough to send me nice little
notes about the various pages and I have read and cherished the comments.  
Recently, I discovered that my hoard of notes was not to be found on my
computer any longer. From now on these will  be placed here for safekeeping,
starting with 1 March 2005.  The most recent receipt is at the top and they
progress chronologially in reverse down the page.

I trust I make myself sufficiently obscure?

- - - - - - - - - -


Cher Amie

Forgive my english, but I am French and to express pleasure on the find of this
collections is my want.

Thanks you so very much

Henri Cillement
- - - - - - - - - -


Dear Sir:

I am a mandolin player who lives at present in the Latvian Republic and would
like to compliment you on your site and to thank you for the time spent on
transcribing the music into easily-usable computer formats.  I have many
friends here who also love Irish musics and we are making extensive use of the

Thanks you again.

Kelarr Jomersson

- - - - - - - - - -

My dear fellow!

I cannot sufficiently express my astoundment at finding your site on the web.  
The Irish music sites are wonderful, but the publishing of the Catches and even
more, the English Madrigals, is a public service that cannot be sufficiently
commended. I have let my students know of their existance and they refer to
them frequently.

Thank you for your efforts.  Where possible I shall amend  the individual works
and advise you of any errors found.

You say that you do NOT read music?  Amazing.  I hope you will continue to
add to the work and again wish to let you know just how valuable I find it to be.

G. Fellini,  P.Mus. Collegio di Musici, Milan o
- - - - - - - - - -

Hi, Vince.
Your pages, happened on accidentally, are like a dream come true.  I do like to
play a few tunes, but I have a particular difficulty in accessing music.  I am
unable to read staff notation because I am blind.  The result is that if I have
trouble learning a tune by ear, I'm in severe trouble.  I hadn't been aware of
formats which provided ABC format notation (I'm presuming here that this
denotes music notation in letters).
I did have a look at one of the downloaded ABC pages, but wasn't sure how to
read it.  Can you give me any pointers?
In any case, the pages are a treasure trove for people like me, and your fame is
spreading among my O'Carolan wannabee associates.  Thanks!.

Eamon OConcubhair.
- - - - - - - - - -

Hi Vince,

The CD is really awesome.  The midis are especially helpful.  I can't sight read
music, so need to hear the basic tune before I can then learn it from the music.
Fantastic resource, worth every penny!  Thanks for doing it.

Leslie Quintero
- - - - - - - - - -

Dear Mr Oldmusic,

Today I received a mail from the Dutch Trekharmonica Group (for players on
the squeezebox, buttonbox, medodeon or any other name you may want to use
for this musical windbag). In it a suggestion to look up your website.

It is the best tip i've had since playing the thing! I am very, very impressed by
your efforts to share your work with us!I have only started to experiment with
musical notation programs myself and have found out how much time this takes.
HOW DID YOU DO IT???  (I'm a masochist!)
I have passed the message on to all my friends who are into the Irish Music.

Anyway, this was only meant to be a very warm thank you for your work, it will
inspire us for years to come!

Sietze Ketelaar, Drachten, Netherlands

- - - - - - - - - -

hi Vince,I am glad you got the money ok and your site is great ,I have learned
some lovely jigs Larry o gaff and the priests leap which are my two favourites
so far.  I will send a few more dollars later on, .
Thanks Vince You are great, best wishes
Sham Power,
Shrough Lismore,
Co.Waterford, Ireland.

- - - - - - - - - -
2005 ?? ??

Dear Vince,

Randy Shupp from Spring Thing, etc. here.  Was just on your website,
downloaded Noteworthy Reader and listened to several old Irish tunes.  What
an incredibly kind and useful thing you have created!  May the wind be always
at your back and the road rise to meet you and all the good stuff.

Love, Randy
- - - - - - - - - -

Look... I could go on posting all the emails I get about how "This is such a
seminal piece of work", "I'm, so grateful for your efforts and that I can access
the music for free..."

It's enough that I get (as of 2010) STILL over 450 hits per day on the site.   
alone tells me that there is a dedicated coterie of Irish Music fans who have
naught else to do but surf the bloody net!  Glad that you found me, glad that you
feel the site is worthwhile!

Now, go back to the
index page and see if I still need financial help!  The emails
are great, and I definitely love 'em, but the money is needed to keep paying for
the bandwidth, d'ye ken?  And (as of 2010 January) it's been a
bit thin.

All respects,