17 - strand
double braid lanyard
in "mirrored" version

Don Wright 2007

Last revised:
The original
instructions for the
17-strand sennit
Basic instructions for the braid as as contained in the picture to the
LEFT, but you'll be starting the braid in the center of the piece.

Instead of starting the braid RIGHT at the mid point, I always start about
1 to 2 inches before the middle.

After you have reached the desired length of braid continue for about
the same distance as you stared early on the middle.   This gives you
some braid to undo on the starter end. When you undo this area be
sure to remove the cords in sequence. That is 1 at a time from each
side and try to keep them in order alternating from 9 on the left and 8on
the right each time until you reach the desired mid-point. At this time
you Just start your normal O4-U4 sequence going the other way.

Where you stop unbraiding will determine if you start your braid with
O4-U4 or U4-O4 sequence. You only have two choices so you will know
right away if you have not started in the right sequence. You will have
an "X" on each side of the point where you start the reverse braiding
instead of the normal chevron pattern. This has to be there as you are
indeed reversing the order. Keep the strands in sequential order as you
will have half of the cords coming from the top side of the braid and
half from the bottom side of the braid in an alternating sequence of top
bottom top bottom. Its easier than it sounds and can be done without to
much of a problem.   
One of Don's completed lanyards with "herringbone" turksheads.  

Note the nice starknot detail at the breastplate.
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