This is much like the method I use to do the Fender collector, differing
only in the number of lines used and fact you're using a second footrope
knot instead of doing it all with one line set.

I tie off at the length of strop I want to do and go to a four-square braid for
(N) inches: If dropping the loop thru the ring and up OVER the gun of the
call, six to seven inches will be correct.  If you are connecting the loop
semi-permanently or permanently to the ring, then two inches will do the
trick (no matter WHAT she says...)
Collector Knots
Boatswain's Lanyards
Last updated  Aug-13-2013
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Almost from the first day I put the 9-strand sennit up for Bud Brewer, I have been getting requests from folks
asking just how the heck you join the two legs of a lanyard together (a "Collector Knot", hereinafter  to be a
CK or join the two legs by doing an interweave so you wind up with a doubled sennit (each line having a
paired line from the other leg beside it, hereinafter a "Pipe Dream" or PD).

My own  preference is the "Fender Weave" ,
or "Over Two" crown cover.  This is especially
useful as you can not only cover the join
between the two neck legs smartly and to whatever
length you may find necessary, it is also quite
easy to incorporate the strop to hold the
Boatswain's Call at the same time.  In both
examples here, the strop was done first, then
the cover was adjusted to cover as much area
as was artistically (IMO) correct.     

In the 9-strand "Double flat sennit" connection (in blue),
it is usually necessary to apply a cover to the lashing
which connects the two legs,  while creating the call strop
from the "leftover" lines from the sennit, for which reason
we left the lines so bloody long, but more on that elsewhere

In a 17 strand "French Connection" (Sorry, Popeye...) a further advantage is
realized in that the cover can be made from some of the spare, or
leftover cords used for the two legs.  Joining the legs gives you twice  17
and if you can't do up a doubled 8 (16) strand square braid, a cover crown
sennit AND change the oil in your Hupmobile, think about the opportunities
in coal mining or being a carpenter.

Of course, the most traditional method of doing this is to do up the joining
lashing, do the (either 8 or 16 strand braid)  for 8 to 10 inches and then
overlay a turks' head on it, either a 'square" turks' head (one where the
passes exceed the bights by 1, as in a "5x4" "odd", or a  "6x5" "even"
turks' head.

Here we have a 7 x 6 turks' head on a 17-strand double flat, with a doubled
8-strand square into a footrope knot into a standard 8-strand square which
then goes (N) inches to another footrope knot which drops to a 4-strand
call loop braid, and HERE, things get.... Interesting.....
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