by The Knotwright
Skip Hipps
(pictures: Skip Hipps)
24 July 2012
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The Decorative Rose Lashing is a pretty method of "marrying" two
lines together for some arcane purpose known only to God and the
perpetrator thereof.  In the decorative version it is just that:
decorative.  The working version is a strong and secure lashing
which will hold in almost any condition, but which (due to the
tensions required) looks considerably "lumpier" than this one. It is
basically naught more than a "Racking" lashing which has the tail
wound in a "Rose" shape.

Of course, all these pictures are linked to a larger version which will
open in a new window so you can see more detail than is contained
in the 4"x4" version to the RIGHT.

Well, go ahead and click on the picture!  It won't bite...

OK:  There are a few items you will need for doing this lashing.

  • Two lines you want to join in Holy Matrimony
  • Some sort of line to join said lines to be joined (strong!)
  • Fingers
  • Pliers (see later for a discussion)
  • Sharp cutters to trim the line
  • SuperGlue, applicator and wick(s)

1:  Take the two lines to be joined and loop the lashing line around
them as shown, with one end of the lashing held alongside the left
leg as shown.  DON'T "tighten up" just yet... there are a lot more
tucks to be done.  The "standing part" gets held in place by your
LEFT thumb, while the working part will be doing all the necessary

"Up and over, down and around under and up and over the other

keep this up

until you have three

completed turns

on each side,

This is the "Racking Lashing" portion


Take the working part and pass it UP and UNDER the Right Hand
loops as shown.  

The Standing Part is under the LEFT hand loops and the Working
Part  is under the Right Hand loops.  

This next picture incorporates a couple of points:  

FIRST, you bring the working part across to the left and feed it
UNDER the left hand loops, and

SECOND, BOTH the Standing and Working parts should now come
up to the TOP of the lines being married.  This is the start of the
"Rose" portion of the lashing and attention to detail here will
determine how symmetrical the finished product will be.


Here you bring the working part around to the right and back up and
under the three turns.

NOTE that  you can now hold the two pieces together and use your
thumb to control the emerging "rose" detail.

We usually don't show fingers so that you won't get confused and so
we don't block the work.

As we go along continuing to do the passes, the rose shape begins
to appear... remember, neatness is all.  In a few steps you'll WANT
one loop to cross another, but for now, keep the turns flat and in

And here is the rose loosely made up.  (Remember, your Working
end will exit OPPOSITE the direction of the Standing end!)

At this point a good thumb is a treasure beyond price...

OK :  Put your thumb as shown in the middle of all this and get
everything arranged in the fashion you perceive needed to produce
a finished neat Rose as per the first picture.   Trust yourself.  You
DO know instinctively where the lines must fall... the thumb just
holds things in the proper positions and prevents backsliding.

Trust me and read on...
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