Vince Brennan
Mandolin  Guitar Vocals  Webmaster
1914 A-0
Gibson Mandolin
She's my sweetie and
the best-playing box
I've ever owned.

Amplification via
GHS A-131
"in-hole" active
microphone -type

strings of Vienna
exclusively used.
Backstage Philadelphia Folk
Festival 2001
Strawberry Festival 2002
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Damage to your monitor
or Psyche  not covered.
I bought this back in 1981 or so from a fella who used to do all the vintage instrument repairs at ZAPF's Music in
Philadelphia.  Wish I could remember his name, but I can't.   I've had this now for just over twenty years and except for
the time the brace inside the face popped off (and the whole bridge began sinking on me in the middle of a
rehearsal) it hasn't given me one day's worry.   I'm always on the lookout for a new pickguard for it as well as well as
an original non-adjustable bridge, but the Loar adjustable ebony that's on it now is just fine for playing purposes.